[Discuss-sudbury-model] schools as government buildings

From: Heidi Crane <bunsofaluminum60_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Sat Mar 1 10:44:00 2003

>In fact, the physical needs of a school can be vastly different from
>those of a prison if one views the school as a place where children
>can grow and develop in accordance with their inclinations, a place
>where children have freedom, a place where children exercise a share
>in communal responsibility, etc. That is why Sudbury schools look
>more than anything else like a large family home (without the sleeping

Agreed, but I am talking about government institutions. the insides of the
local welfare office might look different from the insides of the local
government school...but on the outside, they're VERY similar.

And the new social security building in the nearby city looks an awful lot
like the new high school. Maybe the same architect, since these are state
institutional buildings in the same city. The high school is bigger, but the
"look" is the same. They both look like places where beauracracy is the main
factor in design.

peace, Heidi

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