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From: Mike Sadofsky <>
Date: Sat Mar 1 10:25:00 2003

On Sat, 01 Mar 2003 13:43:33 +0000, "Heidi Crane"
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>> > 6: As time goes by, the public schools become less and less
>> > relevent. Until they are abandoned and converted into
>> > something more appropriate than schools to the architectural
>> > style (note that most architects who design schools also
>> > design prisons -- just a thought).
>>2. Architects usually design anything "you put in front of them": schools,
>>prisons, garbage sites, even brothels. I wonder if moral values play any
>>part in their decisions.
>>~ David
>It isn't that prisons and schools are morally equal. (Is it?) but that there
>are certain physical attributes to institutional buildings. Whether the
>institution is a prison or a school or a social security office
>building...they tend to look the same, because the physical needs of an
>institution are similar, no matter the institution.
>peace, Heidi

I won't claim that they are "morally equal" although they do have
moral similarities of confinement and control, and I am certain there
are folks who can go on at length about moral similarity.

In fact, the physical needs of a school can be vastly different from
those of a prison if one views the school as a place where children
can grow and develop in accordance with their inclinations, a place
where children have freedom, a place where children exercise a share
in communal responsibility, etc. That is why Sudbury schools look
more than anything else like a large family home (without the sleeping

As an aside, from my personal observations, other government
institutions (social security offices, military bases, court
buildings, administrative buildings, etc.) bear little resemblance to
the common features of prisons and schools.

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