[Discuss-sudbury-model] School/prison architecture

From: Joe Jackson <shoeless_at_jazztbone.com>
Date: Sat Mar 1 09:33:00 2003

Having built a couple of school buildings, I would like to say that it
makes sense to me that architects that build schools also tent do build
other public institutions like prisons and churches, and I don't think
it has anything to do with the relative agendas of these institutions.

Building a school involves following guidelines that people who have
built residential buildings wouldn't even dream of, and not even when
you build a restaurant or store or office. Having an architect that
knows the code for schools makes a HUGE difference in the ease with
which you get through the site plan and building permit stages.

I would imagine that prisons have similar requirements and then quite a
few more.

Requirements we have to satisfy that would not apply in residential
development and generally exceed what is required in most commercial
development include: fire alarm/sprinkler system (the one for our new
building cost almost $50,000 alone), parking, bathrooms, hall width,
handicap rails, handicap ramps, handicap access to *all* areas
accessible to able-bodied, fenced play area, and more.

I think the only item in that list that you could make a case as being a
"coercive-agenda" architectural feature would be fenced playing area,
and that's not really something that the architect has to spend any time

And if we served food it would bring about a whole new, very expensive
set of requirments that architects have to consider. And finally, if we
conducted executions on site, that's yet another set of architectural

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