[Discuss-sudbury-model] What about TV and Computer Games?

From: Heidi Crane <bunsofaluminum60_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Sat Mar 1 08:59:00 2003


A question. Can you tell me what Sudbury school (or any democratic school)
policies are about playing computer games and watching TV? On the Sudbury
website, there are pictures of kids playing and embroidering and walking and
watching other kids and building. None of anyone sitting in front of a

it has only been very recently that the idea of learner directed education
has caught my imagination. Something about it seems so perfectly right for
us...but given his choice, over the past two months or so, my 10 year old
boy has played computer games a LOT. Thank goodness, we only have the one
computer! If he could I think he would play it much more than our home's
contraints allow. In fact, we were recently touring my sister's new house,
and he found an under-stair closet. "Computer room! cool!" he said. As if
locking himself into a little tiny space with a computer was one awesome

As we get turned around, putting some of these ideas into practice, do we
leave it all completely open? Kids get to choose what they want to do. WEll,
we're already not letting them get by without helping in the upkeep of the
family. Chores are part of their life.

Some, in the unschooling sub-culture LOL would say "Yeah. Let him choose
whatever he wants, including as much TV and computer as he feels like." I
doubt the wisdom of that. But they also say "He won't do only that, forever
and ever. He'll find other things to do when screen time gets boring."

Does Sudbury or others like it, have TV on campus? Computer games?

thanks in advance.


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