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Have you considered giving them the test answers. It is clear that the
state doesn't want them to learn - just get good scores, just as it is clear
they would rather not be taught. Make both happy(er). They would still
have to show up, but think of the fun you all could have if they were not
expected to "perform".

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snip>public school students are
>self-selecting, and Sudbury students are self-selecting. People have a
>choice in where their kids go to school.

The students (high school) that I am been getting in most of my classes are
those that choose to not perform and choose to be behavior problems. These
students are placed in the ag classes with the belief that there is no place
to place them. Most are "at risk kids" dad is in jail, mom is on drugs, etc.
These kids do not want to be in school or in my agricultural classes. Those
kids that I can not turn around pull down the rest of the class. We are told
to raise the scores on state tests. This is like playing poker but you can
not discard any cards. Public school works great for many kids and others
no. Those kids that succeed in public school would most likely succeed in
SVS. Some of those that choose not to perform in public school may
turnaround in SVS, most would simply choose not to go to school. One of my
best students just read what I wrote and added €œMost of the kids would
choose not to go to school.€ She would love to be in a SVS.


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