RE: [Discuss-sudbury-model] sudbury/summerhill

From: Hector Ortega <>
Date: Fri Feb 28 11:31:00 2003


Thanks for your comments.

> However, it seems to me that you are mixing
> "low-income families" and
> "poverty" rather freely with "abuse" and lack of
> "rights or freedom" in
> the home. I want you to know that you're probably
> not going to be able
> to get me to a place where one is systemically tied
> to the other. While
> many of our families fall below the poverty level
> for our area, I don't
> think abuse or denial of rights and freedom are
> parts of these families.
> On the other hand, abuse and a lack of rights and
> freedom are conditions
> that I first-hand associate with many middle- and
> upper-middle class
> families of conventional schoolers I know.

absolutely right. However, poor kids who are exposed
to much violence and suffering in their
communities--even when they themselves are not abused
or neglected-- already have more a challenge to retain
an interest in life as it is.


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