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I'm not really proposing anything. I'm just trying to
figure out why educators might resist to the idea of
reforming public schools to the SVS model, even after
realizing how these schools have worked so well. And
I'm wondering how a shift from traditional schools to
hopefully Sudbury schools might occur in society.
What kind of process will replace our current
educational system with democratic schools? Will it
be a sudden shift? Will small private Sudbury schools
continue to open, one at a time, slowly but surely, or
will public democratic charter schools (like the one
schedule to open in 2005 in the LA area) become
increasingly more numerous as our culture changes?

> So what would you propose here?
> I am not aware of any claims that the Sudbury model
> is capable of
> overcoming the kinds of severe environmental factors
> that you
> describe.
> I am certain that you would find supporters of
> conventional schools
> who would assert that such schools would work much
> better if they had
> fewer kids who came with this kind of environmental
> damage and who
> spent their time away from school continually
> subjected to the same
> home and environmental factors.
> One of the major issues in making a Sudbury school
> "work" is
> establishing an appropriate culture. One that
> includes respect for
> the individual, for the institution, for personal
> and communal
> property, for the pursuit of individual interests,
> ... All the things
> you've read about in the Sudbury literature.
> Experience has shown that with an established
> culture, it has been
> possible for some kids who arrive with the kinds of
> problems you
> describe to change and to find and make something of
> themselves in a
> Sudbury school. Others may not succeed. If too
> many "bad apples"
> enter the school at the same time, the institution
> may be fractured
> (in much the same way that some of the inner city
> schools find
> themselves fractured today).
> For an interesting take on the latter, you might
> want to read this.
> Just food for thought.
> Mike

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