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Date: Thu Feb 27 23:53:01 2003

>If what Sudbury says is true, that people who have been given freedom of
>choice throughout their whole lives, come to adulthood better rounded,
>confident, sure of themselves...KNOWING themselves better...then in 10
>years, the Sudbury grads are going to come out in that completely
>survey, looking mighty different from the public school grads. Then, the
>survey-takers could look at that soft data and say "hmmm, Sudbury grads are
>happier, aren't they? More competent, more self-assured." and Sudbury could
>say "We don't know just exactly what it is, because who can separate the
>facets of our culture? But, there is a difference. Sudbury is doing
>something right, compared with the system as is."

Or, if there are NO substantial differences - then that would prove that
these way-out ideas at least don't cause the harm that many envision...

Sounds like a win either way.


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