RE: [Discuss-sudbury-model] sudbury/summerhill

From: Heidi Crane <>
Date: Thu Feb 27 14:10:00 2003

Hi, Joe

>You know, I would enjoy seeing a survey such as the one you suggest.
>But you have to go back to square one, that public school students are
>self-selecting, and Sudbury students are self-selecting. People have a
>choice in where their kids go to school.
>Based on that single fact, it is impossible to determine whether Sudbury
>promotes a certain set of traits or if people that have certain traits
>are attracted to Sudbury.

Veddy good. I get what you're saying now. And I must agree. See? My paradigm
is rather shifting nowadays. NOT trust the numbers? NOT compare my
daughter's reading with all 15 year old's in America? Really?

I do know one thing: If they ask me what my median income is, I'm lying
about it. L on a survey. Maybe not on a tax form.

as for your final example:
>Has the proliferation of email caused people to communicate more via the
>written medium, or are long-winded people attracted to the internet?

I say neither. I say, introverted, shy folk, who are just as intelligent and
capable of communicating, as their more outgoing, direct friends and
neighbors, have never had an opportunity to GET A WORD IN EDGEWISE!!! LOL
But, give me a medium where I can express myself without anyone
interrupting, and watch me GO.

that's what I say.

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