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From: Joe Jackson <>
Date: Thu Feb 27 13:37:01 2003

Howdy Heidi!

> Well, what about "Here are 300 Sudbury grads, and 300 public
> school grads,
> and it's 10 years later." It would be more of a survey,
> comparing totally
> subjective criteria such as, "on a 1-10 scale rate your stress level,
> satisfaction at work level, self-confidence level, etc"
> rating different
> facets of success, including but NOT LIMITED TO more typical
> "success"
> criteria such as income and lifestyle.

You know, I would enjoy seeing a survey such as the one you suggest.

But you have to go back to square one, that public school students are
self-selecting, and Sudbury students are self-selecting. People have a
choice in where their kids go to school.

Based on that single fact, it is impossible to determine whether Sudbury
promotes a certain set of traits or if people that have certain traits
are attracted to Sudbury.

There is NO DOUBT that I am a believer in Sudbury. But longitudinal
studies like the one you are suggesting are the absolute bane of
society, and I will fight them to the death whether they reinforce
something I believe in or reinforce something I don't like.

Why are longitudinal studies bad science? Because nobody can determine
the direction of cause. Cause is the only thing that counts in
longitudinal methods, and it cannot be ascribed in a society where
people choose how they live over the long term.

Does years of watching pro wrestling produce more aggressive people? Or
are more aggressive people more likely to watch pro wrestling?

Does attendance at high-dollar private schools in Maryland like Maret,
Landon School and Key School produce students that are smarter and do
better on SATs than public schoolers, or are families who are super
driven academically and parents with high academic ambitions for their
kids more likely to send their kids to those schools?

Does the (hated) New York Yankees organization create great players that
consistently take the team to the World Series, or are great players
more likely to go to the Yankees?

Has the proliferation of email caused people to communicate more via the
written medium, or are long-winded people attracted to the internet?

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