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From: Heidi Crane <>
Date: Thu Feb 27 08:33:01 2003

>That's what fuels my rant about being unable to measure the Sudbury
>culture, because the only way to combat the reasons people come up with
>(that it won't work) is to present measures of outcomes and results. To
>find conclusivity and cause between the methods (the overall culture)
>and the outcomes (changes in behavior, increased aptitude and ability,

Well, what about "Here are 300 Sudbury grads, and 300 public school grads,
and it's 10 years later." It would be more of a survey, comparing totally
subjective criteria such as, "on a 1-10 scale rate your stress level,
satisfaction at work level, self-confidence level, etc" rating different
facets of success, including but NOT LIMITED TO more typical "success"
criteria such as income and lifestyle.

If what Sudbury says is true, that people who have been given freedom of
choice throughout their whole lives, come to adulthood better rounded, more
confident, sure of themselves...KNOWING themselves better...then in 10
years, the Sudbury grads are going to come out in that completely subjective
survey, looking mighty different from the public school grads. Then, the
survey-takers could look at that soft data and say "hmmm, Sudbury grads are
happier, aren't they? More competent, more self-assured." and Sudbury could
say "We don't know just exactly what it is, because who can separate the
facets of our culture? But, there is a difference. Sudbury is doing
something right, compared with the system as is."

even if you can't separate out what exactly IS right...something is good.
Something about it works very well in human beings' lives. The totally
subjective survey PROVES it! LOL

peace, Heidi

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