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From: Heidi Crane <>
Date: Thu Feb 27 08:09:00 2003

Hi Joe

I appreciate your response. My best friend and I are STRONGLY discussing
this concept, and you have clarified some of where I'm heading. Maybe not
there yet, but definitely heading there.

>Everything they are is supported by some number somewhere, and of course
>statistics are the reason why conventional schools work so well. :)
...>Statistics are what the coercive schoolers do. It's their game. Let
>them keep it.

The ironic thing is, my girlfriend homeschools her kids, and they are
TERRIFIC kids. She is a tremendous person herself, and she has imbued her
family with her own strength...but she can't get under a concept where kids
are allowed to choose. She just HATES the idea. Ticks her off. But then
again, she has succeeded in the system's game. I never could.

>However, it seems to me that you are mixing "low-income families" and
>"poverty" rather freely with "abuse" and lack of "rights or freedom" in
>the home... On the other hand, abuse and a lack of rights and freedom are
>that I first-hand associate with many middle- and upper-middle class
>families of conventional schoolers I know.

This is just what I thought...not all poor families are dysfunctional; not
all dysfunctional families are poor.

>But there is no doubt whatsoever that our schools attract an INORDINATE
>number of students who would likely be considered "damaged" goods in a
>traditional setting. And these students, given time in the school, do
>just wonderfully. Can that be measured? No - sorry. Can't measure a

In my opinion, the home would have to be VERY bad, to equal the damage that
school is capable of inflicting. Someone mentioned learning French perfectly
by being "forced" to go to an immersion school, and the discussion ensued
"No one can know how they would have turned out, if things were done
differently" The French speaker got SOMETHING of value from his school
experience. Everything that is of value to me in my life, I learned
somewhere besides at school. It took me a long time to overcome my school
"lessons", chief of which is "You do not fit in this square hole, so we're
going to whittle you down". It takes a long time to recover from being
whittled down.

Meanwhile, we're homeschooling and beginning to bring some of the Sudbury
values of freedom and democracy into how we run the house, and how their
education is going to go *gulp*

thanks again Joe

peace, blessings, Heidi

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