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From: Joe Jackson <>
Date: Thu Feb 27 07:05:00 2003


Good points about measuring parts of cultures in the workplace, and I
agree that many work cultures bear breaking down and examining for the
goal of positive change. In fact, I could not agree more.

Maybe I was reading too much into Hector's post, which seemed to be
asking for help in devising a way to persuade conventional schoolers to
institute the model into their classroom.

Of course, my response, which I'm sure all long-time DSM readers are
sick of hearing by now, is that we have found that it is very, very
difficult to persuasively present the model to people who are accustomed
to evaluating educational ideas based on pedagogical methods and
physical classroom layout and so forth. It's really hard to back up out
of them tall weeds and take a look at the whole farm.

Of course, Hector is absolutely correct, that skeptics who are not
willing to get a sense of the Sudbury culture, will come up with a
myriad of reasons why the model won't work for this group or that, and
of course they are basing all of their reasons on their classical

That's what fuels my rant about being unable to measure the Sudbury
culture, because the only way to combat the reasons people come up with
(that it won't work) is to present measures of outcomes and results. To
find conclusivity and cause between the methods (the overall culture)
and the outcomes (changes in behavior, increased aptitude and ability,

And given the impossibility to measure these things in the Sudbury
culture where you can establish *cause*, it would be such bad science
that I don't think we should go there.

Hope that makes what I'm saying a little clearer.

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