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Hi Hector,
I have thought about this question. One of the proofs that a curriculum based
school system is unfair and ineffective is to look at the disparity in
performance from children of these schools.
One of the complaints from black educators is that students in poor
neighborhoods dream about making as athletes rather then focusing there
energy academically.
The concern is since only a few get to make it, the rest will end up in low
paying jobs. Yet its not like their dreaming about winning the lottery and
kicking back.
There is something is this dream that living a life that has challenge and
The school system has failed to recognize this basic human desire. We are
right now suffering the consequences of this failure.
Seven or eight years ago, we had the dot com boom. We had young people
everywhere energized and excited by the dream of being part of a successful business.
There is a movie called "" which is a documentary which profiles
two friends who start a They were both college educated good
students. They both were in well paying jobs when they got hit with
fever. My guess is these were students who had never seen a "C" on a report
card. Well, they got their first "F" and it wasn't on a report card. It was
in real life, and the failure just didn't effect them, it effected the
thousands of investors.
One thought I've had is the revolution required more of the skills
developed in a Sudbury School. All I know is that we are in economic crisis
unimaginable five years ago and if you think about what the skills are to run
a successful business, we don't learn those in a traditional curriculum.
Schools offer art classes but not classes about self employment taxes, or how
do you handle an erratic flux of income that happens if you make it as an
I think we are experiencing proof of a terrible failure on school systems
part to prepare us for a world that changes rapidly. The only vision schools
seem to have is that ticket to a good life is a college degree.
I just think that if you look around at what is happening with our country
economically you don't have to go looking for statistics about what Sudbury
Students do with there lives.
People want what Sudbury students have permission to have. People want the
kind of work that engroses them to the point that they would forget about
time. During the peak of the boom 30% of harvard graduates said they
were moving to San Francisco to work for a What does this tell you
about human nature?
How come all these Harvard grads didn't see the bubble bursting?
Diablo Valley Parent
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