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From: Alan Klein <>
Date: Tue Feb 25 23:30:00 2003

It is pretty obvious that the traditional models of schooling have failed
these kids, so I hope you are not holding democratic schools to a higher
standard!. On the other hand, I have seen kids from all socio-economic
levels and with all kinds of parents come through democratic schools just
fine. I believe they stand a better chance of growing up healthy at such

~Alan Klein

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From: "Hector Ortega" <>
> the other concern is, how do we know that a school
> like SVS could work for most kids, the poor, those who
> live with abusive parents, etc. the feeling is that
> these kids might never become self-motivated enough to
> even learn the Basics. In essence, if the entire
> public school system were reformed, could the Sudbury
> philosophy provide a better model for inner-city
> schools, better than any model which fails to do away
> with compulsory education, like the one described by
> William Glasser in Schools without Failures (credit/no
> credit grading system, no homework, somewhat
> democratic, discussion meetings guiding by teacher,
> etc.).
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