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From: Hector Ortega <>
Date: Tue Feb 25 23:15:00 2003

hi everyone,

> Does Sudbury owe Neill a debt? Possibly. Are there
> similarities
> between Summerhill and Sudbury? Sure, and one of
> those similarities is
> that the founders and proponents of both are not
> afraid to take stands
> for what they believe. On that basis, I think Neill
> would be first in
> line to applaud the audacity and sureness of foot
> demonstrated by those
> who are labelled arrogant on a daily basis.

was Daniel Greenberg one of the founders of the SVS?
who were the other founders?

I wanted to ask if SVS graduates and their careers
have been followed as a way to further demonstrate the
effectiveness of the school. When I talk to people
about Summerhill, Sudbury schools and unschooled
students I'm often asked if I know how these students
fare in their adult lives. When i say that i feel
confident that they do just fine, most people, still
skeptical, ask me how i can be sure that the vast
majority of them lead happy and productive lives.
It sounds like Legacy of Trust would help answer that

the other concern is, how do we know that a school
like SVS could work for most kids, the poor, those who
live with abusive parents, etc. the feeling is that
these kids might never become self-motivated enough to
even learn the Basics. In essence, if the entire
public school system were reformed, could the Sudbury
philosophy provide a better model for inner-city
schools, better than any model which fails to do away
with compulsory education, like the one described by
William Glasser in Schools without Failures (credit/no
credit grading system, no homework, somewhat
democratic, discussion meetings guiding by teacher,



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