[Discuss-sudbury-model] literacy stats

From: Heidi Crane <bunsofaluminum60_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Tue Feb 25 19:16:00 2003

Hi Michael

Right now, I've been reading The Underground HIstory of American Education,
by John Gatto. On page 52-53, he talks about the tests inductees into the
armed services went through, and how their literacy rates dropped from 98%
in WWI inductees, down through a few wars, to 73%, a "substantial chunk"
being "barely adequate" (i.e. unable to decode what was in the
newspapers...sixth grade reading level) in inductees for the Vietnam War.
He's using the National Adult Literacy Survey, Journal of American Medical
Association, and "a host of other credible sources."

Google.com can find URL's for you. here's one I found, googling for Adult
Literacy Survey

all the stats you could wish for!

peace, heidi

>Hey, where are you getting your statistics for functional literacy? If you
>have a URL handy, it'd be very useful to me in my discussions about the
>subject. The idea that the current system works "well enough" is a huge
>barrier to education reform.
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