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From: Joe Jackson <>
Date: Tue Feb 25 18:43:00 2003


Can you explain the difference between:

> democracy


> govern(ing) themselves...having democratic meetings


It sounds like you are drawing a distinction, and I am not completely
clear as to what you are saying...

As far as arrogance, I'm quite certain comfortable being in the company
of the Dan Greenbergs, Scott Grays, A.S. Niells, John Holts; in short,
all of the people over history that have been brave enough to stand up
and say that the mainstream is wrong and damaging to students, at the
risk of being called arrogant.

After all, the sharp contrast that Scott draws (correctly, I believe)
between Summerhill and Sudbury cannot be nearly as sharp as the contrast
that Neill drew between Summerhill and traditional English schooling.

Does Sudbury owe Neill a debt? Possibly. Are there similarities
between Summerhill and Sudbury? Sure, and one of those similarities is
that the founders and proponents of both are not afraid to take stands
for what they believe. On that basis, I think Neill would be first in
line to applaud the audacity and sureness of foot demonstrated by those
who are labelled arrogant on a daily basis.

If folks out there are put off by revolutionaries, they will likely find
the hardy folks that work with Sudbury schools off-putting.

Joe Jackson
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