Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] RE:autonomy and whether contact with algebra is necessary

From: Heidi Crane <>
Date: Tue Feb 25 17:02:00 2003

Hello Fiona

Your post was well worth your unlurking!

a child's life ought, like an adults, to be a mix of the
>autocracy, democracy, and autonomy. So although parents have to take
>responsibility for some of the choices in a child's life, there ought also
>to be areas where they are able to make choices for themselves.

This is good, and I think we're getting there with our kids. Whoo! what
we've learned and how our thinking is emerging from "the box.!" Going from
an autocracy with unhappy children and parents, into this model where it's a
balance between the three...whoo!

I believe that questions are
>the answer to education, and any system which doesn't allow people to ask
>their own questions, and find their own answers, isn't educating, in my
>not-so-humble opinion.

ah, very good. this part is going into my own, slowly building and changing
philosophy of education. Thanks!

I also have a question for you. It's been long known that American schooling
is producing a populace with about 72% "functional literacy" or, the ability
to read signs and write in application forms. The number is much less for
Literacy, wherein a person understands what is being read. Re: your
statement that a state mandated, national curriculum, has brought England's
literacy rate down. Where does the UK stand in worldwide literacy/numeracy
statistics? Last I heard, the United States is at the bottom of about 20
industrialized nations.

peace, Heidi

in England, the
>institution of a national curriculum which lays down exactly what should be
>taught for every week of every year of every child's school life, has
>actually had the opposite to the intended effect - children are less well
>educated at the end of their school career than before. I believe that
>is partly because the freedom to change the curriculum to take account of
>the children in the class and their learning styles has disappeared from
>schools run by the state. 25% of the children leave school functionally
>illiterate and innumerate. Thus, although they have been exposed to
>since primary school (7-11) they fail to be enthused or engaged in maths at
>a very basic level.
>As I have already written to Michael, offlist, >Fee
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