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Sorry, no postings for months and then I do two in the course of five
minutes :-), but....

On the subject of the curriculum, I don't think you can beat Roland Meighan.
Here is the beginning of a story which you can find at:

excerpt begins:
The story of the animals and the birds
The animals and birds decided to create a school. They devised subjects for
study which were climbing, flying, running, swimming and digging. They could
not agree on which was most important, so they said: "Everyone must do
everything - in case they need these things in the future".

The rabbits were expert at running, but some nearly drowned in the swimming
class. The experience shook their confidence and they could no longer run as
well as before.

The eagles were terrific at flying, but very poor at digging and were
assigned to a extra digging classes. This took up more and more time, and
some forgot how to fly well. And so on with the other animals and birds -
moles became less confident at digging, otters at swimming.

The birds and animals no longer had the opportunity to shine in their best
areas because they were all forced to do things that did not respect the
natural curriculum.

The eagles got a bit fed-up with digging. They called a meeting of the

"We need a curriculum suited to us birds," they said. All agreed.

"Nest building should be a core subject." All agreed.

The eagles spoke: "The best nests, 'real' or 'proper' nests, are made of
twigs on high ledges, because they are the nests of us eagles - the 'high
flyers', as you might say, with our 'high culture'."

Now eagles are big and powerful and liable to eat smaller birds, so that was
somewhat reluctantly agreed....
do go to the webpage and read the rest!

It speaks to me!

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