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Date: Tue Feb 25 09:14:00 2003

On Tue, 25 Feb 2003 08:47:42 -0500, "Alan Klein" <>

>I don't disagree with anything Scott says here. I would say however, Scott,
>that you had the advantage of reading Summerhill AFTER you had been a part
>of SVS. For most of us old-timers, Summerhill was a glimpse into a new
>possibility and provided us with lots of guidance and vision as we forged
>our own philosophies.
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>From: "Scott David Gray" <>
>> When I was 14, I read Summerhill, and I was stunned
>> (and frankly disappointed) by how undemocratic Summerhill
>> seemed to be in Neill's _own_ words. <snip>
Nor will I disagree with what either of you has written. Reading
about Summerhill a long time ago was indeed stimulating. I do feel
that Scott has added to the clarity of the response to the original
query about differences between Summerhill and Sudbury now that both
have a history and reality, as I was tempted to do. This snippet
comes from the Summerhill web site today:

>The administrational business of the school is not in the jurisdiction of the meeting. It does not rule on the hiring and firing of staff, teachers' pay, building work, and so on. The principle is that the children should have power over what is important in their everyday lives; bringing these subjects to the meetings would burden them with unnecessary worries rather than increasing their freedom.

And it demonstrates a stark contrast between how the two institutions
interpret what is important in the everyday lives of enrolled

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