Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Any Sudbury schools in Portland Oregon?

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Date: Tue Feb 25 01:27:00 2003

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<< I have recently found out about The Sudbury Valley
School and I am very interested in finding out about
more. There is plenty of reading that I plan to do and
this disscusion group is great. After a dissapointing
year of having a first grader in public school, I am
determined to find something else for my child. I read
about Cascade Valley school in Portland but can't
access their web site. Are they still operational? Is
there any hope in Portland for anything similar?
Samantha >>

Dear Samantha:
Cascade Valley is closed. This is a new charter school in Portland called
Trillium which is trying to be democratic. Another group is setting up a new
private alternative next year but I don't know how democratic it will be. I
have one or two contacts beyond that. Perhaps someone on the list knows of
something else.

Jerry Mintz
Alternative Education Resource Organization
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