RE: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Questions about Their Future

From: sambo01 <>
Date: Sat Feb 22 21:44:00 2003

How to trust that they will come away from this "style" with the ability to
take care of themselves? How, when society these days is SO homogeneous and
SO against enterpreneurship? am I going to be setting them up for an
entrance into adulthood, fraught with much more difficulty than need be?

well, thanks for any input. Much appreciated.


They learn what the rules are, how to change them, interpet them, how to use
them for the common good or for defense of an action. They learn how to run
a corporation and how to manage funds. They learn ownership and maintenance.
Pretty valuable skills when it comes to taking care of oneself. Skills that
are nor part of the standard - the public school curricula.

I am curious about why you would think "society these days is SO homogeneous
and SO against enterpreneurship?" Am I missing something? Are you from the
United States? You only have to read newspapers or watch television to see
we are more polarized than homogeneous. I have found that enterpreneurship
is easier and more accepted (in fact in some circles - expected) than it was
a few decades ago. Enterpreneurs are everywhere. Please explain, I would
like to understand your viewpoint a little better. It may shed more light
for me on your concern about trusting that your children will be able to
take care of themselves.

- Sam from SacVal

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