[Discuss-sudbury-model] Questions about Their Future

From: Heidi Crane <bunsofaluminum60_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Sat Feb 22 14:05:00 2003

Hi again

Thanks Joe for the response. I'm hoping this group will help me over a few
hurdles, as we embark on a pretty different course of action.

My first question/concern has to do with college for children who have been
under this "learner directed" paradigm. I've read the literature, that the
majority of Sudbury grads who apply for college, get in at the college of
their choice. This is good. I got in at the college of my choice, without a
high school diploma, simply by being REALLY GOOD at the entrance exams. Even
KLEPed out of some courses. And then I wasn't eligible for scholarships of
any stripe, though there were grants and loans available.

Are there any data about Sudbury grads receiving scholarships to go to the
college of their choice? I'm assuming that the question of transcripts and
diplomas is surmountable, but how can scholarship committees know who
qualifies, without an official transcript from a school?

Second question has to do with how my 15 year old has fared under our
relaxed style, and how will my 10 and 8 year olds fare?

the 15 year old has followed her interests into amazing depths: first sharks
for a couple of years, which she knows more about than any other person I've
ever met. All their organs, the sizes, shapes, habitats, habits, of all the
varieties, etc. Then, when she "met" JRR Tolkien, at about age 10, that's
the direction she went, and is now the resident Anglophile, knowing not only
everything there is to know about Tolkien, but also plenty about Great
Britain, including the history. she knows what Tudor is. I don't know what
Tudor is! L

Okay. So, my 15 year old's natural inclinations have led her down a path
that looks very successful, by any standard out there. She loves to write
and is good at it. She's the best reader I know, and I know LOTS of very
good readers. She can also do the four functions of math and fractions
(because I made her do math) This all looks pretty good. Looks like Academic

So, what happens when the other kids go in directions that have less
appearance of academic success? A boy whose main passion is computer games,
and he hates to write, though he is doing all four functions in math, again
because I've "made" him. An eight year old who is my "Late Starting Reader"
whom I haven't "made" to do anything...Ha! I can't imagine doing it. Making
her, that is.

How to trust that they will come away from this "style" with the ability to
take care of themselves? How, when society these days is SO homogeneous and
SO against enterpreneurship? am I going to be setting them up for an
entrance into adulthood, fraught with much more difficulty than need be?

well, thanks for any input. Much appreciated.


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