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From: Carol Hughes <>
Date: Sat Feb 22 13:57:00 2003

Hi Sue,
I homeschooled my two boys until they were eight and ten. Then it became
clear to me that I was going to be a chauffer all over the place and that
their world was demanding more more more. While in theory I know that I
could have done that, I realized that maybe I wanted some help with the job
of raising my children to be responsible, aware, conscious beings. Oh yeah,
and maybe I would like to have a life too. Add to that, that I was being
harassed endlessly by the local school superintedent to test my boys,
provide curriculum and generally assure him that I was teaching my children
the same way as in the public schools (which is incredibly ironic to me, why
in heaven's name would I want to do that?). He even sent me a letter
threatening me with the care and protection act if I didn't test them with
someone who had their Phd. (mind you he never set eyes on my boys) Having
heard about SVS, we went for a visit and within minutes my boys were running
around the campus with great joy and excitement. I started the
Massachusetts Home School Association newsletter a jillion years ago. My
oldest son was on the evening news once. Homeschooling used to be news. It
still is occasionally considered "news". It was so wonderful to me when the
boys started SVS, that there was exactly zero adjustment. I found, as you
say, that SVS was close to what we were doing already. But now there were
all these relationships they had the opportunity to manifest on their own.
The staff and the students were a wealth of education. And after all, isn't
that how we learn all our lives, from each other? I also have a daughter
who is in her last year there who was four when she started. I am an
unabashed fan of SVS and currently a trustee and sending our kids to SVS has
turned out fabulously. Ask anything you like.
Carol Hughes

> I am a homeschooling mother of three, who came upon the Sudbury website by
> way of John Gatto's writings. I'm rethinking/revamping how we educate our
> kids at this point. The Sudbury/unschooling concept is pretty close to how
> we do things already, so it has struck a chord with me, clicking around at
> the website and reading up on it.
> Anyway. Hoping to gain more understanding and with it, a trust in my
> kids...I'll follow with a few questions I have.
> thanks
> Sue
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