Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Several Questions Regarding Sudbury Model Schools

From: Joseph Roach <>
Date: Mon Feb 17 09:36:00 2003


I am Joe Roach, a staff member at The New School in Delaware.
We share many characteristics with "Sudbury Schools."

There are times when I find myself "yelling at" people because I am
unhappy about what they are doing. These people have a choice to
listen to me, talk to me, or to ignore me. If they choose to ignore
me, then I may well write them up, and take them to JC.

There are times when students yell at me. Sometimes it is
justified, mostly not (at least my vainity says so).

The emphasis is on equality, but people have to live together.

Best regards,

Joe Roach

Christopher Weeks wrote:
...big snip...
> Are you assuming that this means elevated volume and hostile
tones? My
> son (who's eight) calls it "yelling at" if anyone points out
> inappropriate behavior or tells him that he hurt their feelings. not
> that he's overly defensive about it, but that he just thinks of those
> kinds of admonishments as "yelling at." I wonder if that's a
> wide-spread understanding and what the kids meant. Or are you
> expecting the staff to provide no direction? As I understand it (and
> think it should be) the staff have exactly equal rights and
> responsibilities to use the JC as the students (but they might
> backlash in the hiring process where peers, of course, will not).
> Was I understanding your point?
> Christopher Weeks
> central New Jersey
> (if anyone in my area wants to get a school together, let me
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