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Date: Sun Feb 16 17:55:00 2003

I'm now studying at Northern Kentucky University. My major is Early Childhood
Education. The concepts of Sudbury Schools motivate me to study education.

I've also read about Summerhill before. It has aroused extreme opinions in
England. When I looked at both sides, I found that people interpret
"education" differently. I think it is our definition of "education" that
affect our education system. For example, if people think it is much more
important for children to learn intellectual knowledge than to know
themselves, we could probably tell what the education system will be.
Therefore, I think people's doubt about Sudbury Schools might somehow show
the future development of the educational system. I'm not looking for a
definite or good answer. My research aims at finding out people's concern.
For example, from the points "fear of change" and "Belief that children need
to be lead", I'll draw some reflection or analysize them.
Therefore, any of your thinking and opinion will help. You know what, this is
the first time I don't feel that I'm doing homework to pass a course. I'm
doing what I really like and want to know about:)
Thanks a lot!


>An interesting question, and one I wish I had a good answer to. I
>think both Carol and Marilu have answers that make sense in many
>instances. Change does take time and many people will NEVER consider
>any alternative to what they personally experienced. In fact, even
>with all the discussion about problems with the government school
>systems, I believe most people never consider the issue. And many of
>those who might consider it don't feel that they are in a position to
>influence change or to even consider an alternative for their
>Belief that children need to be lead to learn and provided with a
>structured curriculum remains widespread.
>You write that you are an international student from Hong Kong. Where
>are you studying? Is your research being done at University? Where?
>In what Department?
>I would be interested in reading your research results.
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