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From: Joe Jackson <>
Date: Sun Feb 16 17:13:58 2003


I don't think there is anyone who has been to both schools and can
therefore answer your question regarding a comparison, unless Mimsy has
been to Au.

Regarding Fairhaven:

- Currently at about 59 students. We are opening a brand-new 5000-sq-ft
building in 3-4 weeks, and there are a lot of kids in the
application/enrollment process right now. I think it's reasonable to
estimate that we'll close the year with between 60 and 65 students.

- Student body demographics: We have a lot of teens. A little short on
8-10 year old girls. Other than that it is more or less balanced.

> Can anyone
> >who has visited the schools tell me more, e.g. what the campus looks
> >like, which facilities you can find there and so on.

- We have about 14 acres, consisting of approximately 50% wooded and 50%
cleared/meadow. The Eastern half of the lot consists of a substantial
hill; our original 2400-sq-ft building (which we hand-built: timber
frame, stressed skin panels, cedar siding stained light blue, green
corrugated metal roof) and the new building (being built by contractors:
professionally designed and being constructed with substantial
commercial materials, 2-story built into the side of the hill, and in a
manner that integrates with the old building) sit atop the hill. The
northern boundary of our property is marked by a steep drop down to a
stream. By the time our current expansion is completed, we will have a
paved drive and parking lot next to the the new building, and a graded,
fenced sports field.

> >Especially I am
> >interested if it is like "a whole family", where everyone knows
> >everyone else, or just more like a normal school, where not
> everyone is
> >deeply involved in the other people's activities.

I would say the former. The vast majority of the students know each
other very well.

Compared to a normal school, the overall spectrum of activity at
Fairhaven consists overwhelmingly of people doing things together rather
than separately.

Specifically regarding classes, I am told that about 1/4 of classes are
one-on-one staff with a single student. The rest are groups.

Good luck Regina. You might be able to find someone who has been to
both and can make a direct comparison.

Joe Jackson
Fairhaven School parent
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