Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Several Questions Regarding Sudbury Model Schools

From: Richard Berlin <>
Date: Sun Feb 16 11:28:00 2003

On Sunday, February 16, 2003, at 05:29 AM, Carol Hughes wrote:

> Hi Rich,
> Underlying your question it seems to me is the issue of power and
> control.
> If a staff member "admonishes" a student, or yells, then what affect
> does
> that have on the student's psyche? First of all I have noticed that
> sometimes an issue won't go away for me because in truth it is about
> my own
> experience not my child's. I'm beginning to wonder what your
> experience is
> with yelling in your home of origin.

Uh...I would call this "reading too much into my question." :-)

My wife and I are pretty good at recognizing when our own issues
are driving our behavior, and when insight fails for one of us the
other usually pegs it. I don't have any particular issue around
yelling. What I'm really interested in how/whether the staff feels
any constraints around how they direct the students.

If you are probing this because you intuitively feel I'm leaving
something unsaid: you are right. But it has nothing to do with
me or my psyche. I am not sharing because it is one of the stories
I collected from other people who told me about their own visits
to Sudbury model schools. I have no permission to retell it.

> "Ordering someone around" simply does not happen at SVS. There is a
> collective, a group mindset that is ever present. In fact, were it to
> occur, I can easily imagine hours and hours of discussion in school
> meeting,
> such would be the non-acceptance of this.

Does this mean you feel I'm misinterpreting the students talking about
"staff members who yelled at us?" Or is it possible that the atmosphere
that your kids are experiencing is different now than what the early
students at SVS described?

-- Rich
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