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<< Alan,

What an interesting idea! I don't think our SVS uses probation. My
undestanding,from my limited experience as a parent, is if a student becomes
a repeat offender of some rule, the sentences just get stronger and/or they
get referred to school meeting for their sentence or possible suspension
(also of varying degrees).

Could you say more about how the probation worked and how it might have been
different than just sentences and suspensions as consequences? Did the
student have to meet regularly with someone while on probation?

Regarding Raymond's questions: My kids are into their 3rd year at SVS. They
report a lot of meaness in their experiences at school. They say," That's
just how it is, Mom." Nonetheless, they adore their time there. My guess is
that it's all part of the big social learning game. As parents, we are quick
to focus in on the "negative" behaviors we hear about. But there is more
going on. Too complex sociologically for me to explain; but I think there is
very complex learning taking place that takes its natural course over time
(years' worth). I think the learning is different, perhaps even more likely,
when not handled through ongoing adult intervention.


Ann Ide

parent at Sudbury Valley School >>

At Summerhill and also at the school I used to direct we had "warnings" and
"strong warnings." That was usually enough to communicate the community's
feelings. In fact, there were strong discussions about which to issue, as a
"strong warning" had to be followed by a more active consequence if there was
a further violation of a community decision.

Jerry Mintz
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