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From: Alan Klein <>
Date: Sat Feb 15 13:30:00 2003


This was a long time ago (1976), so specifics escape me. Basically, a probation was just the weight of one's social group saying, "We're on to you and we don't like it. Cut it out." I don't remember any requirements of the probation (except to stay out of "trouble").

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  From: Ann Ide
  What an interesting idea! I don't think our SVS uses probation. My undestanding,from my limited experience as a parent, is if a student becomes a repeat offender of some rule, the sentences just get stronger and/or they get referred to school meeting for their sentence or possible suspension (also of varying degrees).

  Could you say more about how the probation worked and how it might have been different than just sentences and suspensions as consequences? Did the student have to meet regularly with someone while on probation?
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