Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Several Questions Regarding Sudbury Model Schools

From: Christopher Weeks <>
Date: Sat Feb 15 06:18:01 2003

Richard Berlin wrote:
> I've finished reading "Kingdom of Childhood." It's my
> third or fourth book about Sudbury Valley, so I'm beginning
> to put together a coherent picture (I think!) but I was
> a bit surprised at some of the students' stories about staff.

I've read most of the books that came in the school starter pack, but I
have no affiliation with SVS or any other school, so I'm just speculating...

> reminiscence about staff elections coming down to voting
> according to "which staff members yelled at us recently."
> Did the staff members consider yelling at a student
> to be a lapse in non-directive behavior?

Are you assuming that this means elevated volume and hostile tones? My
son (who's eight) calls it "yelling at" if anyone points out
inappropriate behavior or tells him that he hurt their feelings. not
that he's overly defensive about it, but that he just thinks of those
kinds of admonishments as "yelling at." I wonder if that's a
wide-spread understanding and what the kids meant. Or are you actually
expecting the staff to provide no direction? As I understand it (and
think it should be) the staff have exactly equal rights and
responsibilities to use the JC as the students (but they might have
backlash in the hiring process where peers, of course, will not).

Was I understanding your point?

Christopher Weeks
central New Jersey

   (if anyone in my area wants to get a school together, let me know)
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