[Discuss-sudbury-model] Several Questions Regarding Sudbury Model Schools

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Date: Thu Feb 13 21:47:00 2003

Sorry about the double post.

  I am currently enrolled in a school similar in function and operation to Sudbury Valley, and I am wondering if some of you could answer a couple of questions I put together to help me understand the differences between the school I am attending now and ones like it. Thanks in advance.

  1.) How does the staff view themselves in relation to the school they are employed by?

  2.) What are they expected to do?

  3.) What more is expected of them then their fellow students?

  4.) How much of a role are they willing to take in the operation of the school (a.k.a. Do they run for elected positions?)?

  5.) How much of an influence are parents in the running of the school?

  6.) What role does the School Assembly play in the functioning of the school?

  7.) What are the school’s policies in regards to drugs and other illegal substances?

  8.) If convicted of a charge relating to those above, what action, if any, does the S.M. take?

  9.) What does it take for a student to be expelled?

  10.) What is the general purpose of the school?
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