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From: Mike Sadofsky <>
Date: Thu Feb 13 19:32:01 2003

Hi Regina,

Coming from Munchen, I expect you will find Booroobin in the Blackall
range as rather rural. This beautiful region is referred to as the
Hinterland, and situated just on the west side of the ridge, is almost
Aussie rain forest. It is remote from any city (about an hour plus
from Brisbane, but closer to the smaller cities of the Sunshine

The Booroobin web site has a link to the local community
The map there is quite informative, as well as the local scenes and
other information. I suggest you explore via the web.

Maleny is the local town with a population around 7,000.
Booroobin is southwest of Maleny, about halfway to the road to

I don't have exact enrollment information, but I believe Fairhaven is
approaching 50 students and Booroobin has passed the 20 count.
Not only is Booroobin rural, but it also embraces nature. There are
cultivated animals on campus along with some left over agriculture
that they are working to rejuvenate. You may have noticed that their
web site invites WWOOFers. Native wildlife also appears from time to

You ask whether these schools are "like family" or "normal" schools.
because both communities are rather small, I suspect it would be easy
to develop a "family" like arrangement. On the other hand, since I
know many of the people at both schools, I would also expect that your
privacy would be respected. Perhaps I am saying that much of this
would depend on you.

I haven't visited Fairhaven, so I'll limit my comments to contrast the
locations. Fairhaven, in Maryland, is close enough to Washington DC
for students to commute. While I believe Fairhaven also has
significant acreage, the region is not as rugged and rural as that of

I know that Booroobin has plans to accommodate foreign students; I
don't know what provisions may exist at Fairhaven for someone in your
circumstances, but I am certain you are in contact with both schools
and have or will soon have that information.

I hope you find this useful. If you have other questions, don't
hesitate to write.


On Thu, 13 Feb 2003 17:50:22 +0100, Regina Leeb <>

>Hi everyone!
>My name is Regina and I am from Germany (Munich). At the moment, I am attending my local grammar school and hoping to do my A-levels in about two months. After being officially out of school at the 27th of June, I am still "only" 19 years of age which enables me to visit a Sudbury School as a student for another year. As I seem somehow connected to Australia, I would love to enrol at the Booroobin Sudbury School in Queensland, but have also asked the Fairhaven Sudbury School for information.
>Today, a friend of mine, who has heard about Sudbury education over me (I wrote a 48 pages essay about it for my English course), told me about her idea to send her son (Oscar, 13 years of age) also to a Sudbury school (preferably to the same school I am going to enroll in) as he is also in trouble with his momentary education. He doesn't have too many problems with the grades, but is obviously unhappy with the schooling situation he's in. He's also a native English speaker, as his mom comes from England.
>So now to my question, which I hope is not going to be misunderstood (especially by the two schools I named): It would not have been such important for me, but now, as second person (Oscar) is involved, I would like to know more about the "atmosphere" at those two schools. I am sure there are differences between the different Sudbury Schools, although they are based onto the same priniciple. Does anyone know how many students they have got, and which age groups dominate? Can anyone who has visited the schools tell me more, e.g. what the campus looks like, which facilities you can find there and so on.
>Especially I am interested if it is like "a whole family", where everyone knows everyone else, or just more like a normal school, where not everyone is deeply involved in the other people's activities.
>Of course I could have asked the concerned schools themselves (which I also did in some way), but I am interested to hear many people's opinions on this topic. So can anyone help me and describe how big and if there are differences between the schools? (How many are there - about 30?)
>I hope I did explain what I want to know properly and not in a confusing or way that was unintentional unkind! Sorry for the mistakes, my English isn't that perfect as well.
>Thanks very much to everyone answering!
>Kind regards,
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