[Discuss-sudbury-model] Sudbury Valley School Coffeehouse

From: Carol Hughes <carolhughes1_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Mon Feb 10 19:38:00 2003

"They learn through constant interaction with each other and staff members."

Hi Melissa,
Nice to hear about your experience going into a new world of thinking. I have sent three children through Sudbury Valley School. So my family has been in this environment for 15 years. This past weekend was a fabulous coffeehouse in Framingham. I'm not even going to try to be objective here. My daughter was in a few numbers and I was absolutely thrilled to see and hear her talent. I came away with a desire to try and express the depth of empowerment and learning this event gives the students. So your email asking for discussion gives me a great excuse. I am a musician myself, so there's always the mom/singer/teacher person in me at such an event. Some of these students a few years ago could barely carry a tune. This weekend they were takin' it home. It was a real thrill. We have Mark Bell. What a staff member he is. He is a very accomplished musician himself and backs many of the acts with equal enthusiasm. No one is turned down who wants to do a number. I see the staff members talking to them after the show acknowledging some aspect of their performance. The show was 2 and a half hours long. But it didn't seem long at all. How delicious it is to see student after student get up on stage and express themselves with joy and abandon. The hosts of the show were so charming and fun. The can-do attitude around the whole event struck me as the ultimate power for all of their futures. Now they can access entertainment for themselves. They can speak without fear, have the right to be center stage, support others who are performing, know the experience of being the creator of something, feel special, cool, know the thrill of energy that comes before going on stage, and on and on. I have a profession where I often hear of people's disappointments, frustrations and deep pain at not knowing what they want, never mind how to get it. These students are only doing what they want at this coffeehouse and it's absolutely beautiful!
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