[Discuss-sudbury-model] spreading peace

From: Hilary Tuttle <hilary_at_binteractive.com>
Date: Sun Feb 2 09:51:00 2003

Hi All,

I just ran across a great site www.cnvc.org . I heard about it from The Sun
magazine in an interview of Marshall Rosenberg. The site explains his ideas
on Nonviolent Communication. My son, age 6, has been having huge temper
tantrums. Our response had been to discuss, plead, bribe and mostly withhold
privileges and it was clear this was making matters worse. We've been using
the techniques that comprise NVC (Nonviolent Communication) to wonderful
effect. It does require relinquishing power and trusting your child to know
what's best however. Why we as a family need to continually revisit these
concepts is interesting. I do feel hopeful that we will "get it".

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