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<< Hi all,

I've been advised of the following conference, Celebrating the Spirit of
Learning, which appears interesting and relevant to people interested or
involved in Sudbury model Schools:

I am organising the 3rd International SOUL IN Education conference for
September/October this year and thought it wonderful if someone would present
at this conference. Please follow the contact details if interested.

As a contribution to holistic, soulful educating everywhere could you kindly
please pass this notice and letter on to all relevant contacts, in particular
to all the Sudbury schools over the world. THAT would be a most valuable
service to us. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information if

Many thanks in advance

Yours Dawn

The conference will be held in Byron Bay, a beautiful area with great surfing
beaches, with rainforested hills in the hinterland of northern New South
Wales, Australia.

Details can be seen on the web site:

I have been aware of previous conferences at Findhorn and in Hawaii.

Booroobin will be submitting one or more presentation proposals.

Regards, Derek Sheppard

The Booroobin Sudbury School - a centre of learning

Ph / fax +61 07 5499 9944 >>

Dear Derek:
Having presented at the SOL conference in Hawaii, I can say that it was a
really great experience. Some might find it too new-agey. But my experience
organizing all the students at the conference using democratic process
wassomething I will never forget. I'm hoping I might find a way to get to
this one. Maybe by September/October we will have recovered from the
International Democratic Education Conference in July (
Meanwhile, most of our energy is going into that. The list of amazing people
who are coming is growing fast.

Jerry Mintz
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