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From: Ann Ide <>
Date: Sun Jan 19 15:07:01 2003

I think I am correct in clarifying that at Sudbury Valley, once a child is 8
years old, s/he may not go off campus alone; but they can go off campus with
someone else- even another 8 year old. They must also sign out stating the
time they leave, their destination, and the approximate length of time they
expect to be off campus; and they must sign in when they return. Students
13 and older can come and go freely to and from campus all day.

Some families have their own rules and guidelines (agreements). For
instance, I know one family that has agreed that the girl will only go off
campus with at least 2 other students. The school is not responsible for
enforcing "family" rules, however.

My son turned 8 this past summer and was all ready and psyched up to go off
campus when he got to school. He made plans with friends to go to the state
park next door; yet I knew he didn't even know the way! I went to the
school office and asked if I could take him off campus to familiarize him
with the route, etc. They said that he needed to go with someone from
school who knew the way ,or convince them that he knew the way himself (
altho' this is not written policy). That was okay with me! It is now
January and he has yet to leave campus. It all works out.

Ann Ide
Sudbury Valley parent

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> Hey Rich.
> Actually, I think most Sudbury schools do not allow young children to
> leave campus alone.
> I know both Fairhaven and Sudbury Valley allowed young kids off alone in
> the past, but this is no longer the case. My sense is that most of the
> other schools have gone this direction as well.
> Yours,
> Joe Jackson
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