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Date: Sun Jan 19 12:16:00 2003

Hi Everyone,
I have two daughters in a Sudbury School in Concord California in an urban
setting. Here the parents have to sign a form for the children to be able to
leave campus.
We are also allowed to stipulate conditions such as going with older kids. I
have separate conditions for each of my two daughters. I have given the
eleven daughter some advice about about how to handle men approaching her.
She frequently leaves campus and far that has been fine. The most recently
publicized kidnapping happened in the girls bedroom by a neighbor.
The longer my daughters are at this school, the more I realize that there
future is not my job. Through my experince here I have been given a unique
perspective. I have seen how imprisioned we are by assumptions about what it
means to be a good parent. I used to believe that my job was to protect my
daughters from unhappiness.
In fact when I first looked into this way of schooling it was because my
daughter was
unhappy. Now, three years later I have a much broader view. What I have
learned by my experince with the school is that learning is an on going
process we learn from all experience. It is not my job to limit there
exposure to only what they will find pleasant. It is not my job to make sure
my children grow up into adults that don't swear,do drugs, or eat junk food.
It is my job to live my life well.
Sometimes I think I needed this school more then my daughters did. I sure
get a lot out of having them there.
Diablo Vallry School Parent
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