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From: Joe Jackson <>
Date: Sun Jan 19 09:34:00 2003

Hey Rich.

Actually, I think most Sudbury schools do not allow young children to
leave campus alone.

I know both Fairhaven and Sudbury Valley allowed young kids off alone in
the past, but this is no longer the case. My sense is that most of the
other schools have gone this direction as well.


Joe Jackson

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> I have my own worry about Sudbury model schools that I'll
> chime in with. I imagine the rules can vary from school to
> school, but in general, I think youngish children are allowed
> to leave campus. Admittedly, I walked home alone when I was
> seven, so I think that kids this age are capable of crossing
> streets safely, etc. But here in California, where it seems
> we have a high-profile child abduction about every six
> months, I have to say this gives me the willies.
> I'd love to hear specifics about the rules at different
> schools, as well as what parents do for peace of mind!
> -- Rich
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