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From: Joyce Kehoe <>
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yes, please help me with this too! We have a cooperative preschool, 4 boys ages 4, 2 girls 2 1/2. Mostly it's child-led, lots of play but we do lead some activities, for example, reading poems, then encouraging them to write a line of a poem, then we put it all together. We go for walks in nature, collect things, and make art projects out of them. These aren't necessarily things that they have asked to do, but things that they enjoy. However, we do intervene sometimes if their play becomes aggressive, but are we interfering with their "lord of the rings" growth?

My sister-in-law had enrolled her child in a sudbury school but found that he did play video games ALLL day, was going to be allowed to go off campus, and at one point, the whole school voted that it would be okay for all of the students to swear, allowing them to use the F**k word and any other term of bad language. That was when she withdrew him from school, but I would like some insight on the above mentioned issues. Thank you,
Joyce Kehoe
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  I am currently working as a waldorf teacher, yet I keep finding that I am uncomfortable with so much teacher-led activities...I'm interested in transitioning to more child-led learning, yet I have a challenge trusting that junk food, tv, caffeine, drugs, etc. won't be abused in an atmosphere of total freedom. I don't want to offend anyone - please help me with stretching my consciousness in your direction.

  Sally Mabelle

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