Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] educational philosophy of Rebecca Wild vs. Sudbury

From: Martin Wilke <>
Date: Mon Jan 13 17:05:00 2003

David Rovner schrieb:
> I couldn't find any information on Rebecca and Mauricio Wild's School
> "Pesta" in Ecuador -- did you?

The reason why you found nothing may be, that "Rebeca" is spelled with
only one "c".

However, most of the information available is in German, some in dutch.

Here is something I found in English

I found a short paragraph about the Pesta School:

THE PESTALOZZI SCHOOL: The Pestalozzi School in Tumbaco (half an hour's
drive from Quito) began in 1977 as a Montessori preschool with three
students when the Wilds decided to create a good environment for their
second son's development. Their despair about the effects of regular
school on their first son gave them the courage to continue into the
primary (1979) and later secondary level (1986) in order to save their
second son from going through the same experience. To guarantee the
nonprofit character of the school, in 1982 it was legally established as
a foundation. In 1989 "Pesta" gained official government recognition as
giving "Basic Ecuadorian education for nine years without grades." Since
the school has no grades, formal classes, examinations or marks, a
detailed description of the developmental process of each child gives
the basis for all certificates awarded. For many years the school has
had an enrollment of around 190 children ages three to 18 from different
social backgrounds. There are 15 adults responsible for the students'
environment, and 16 more staff for related activities (including a
carpentry shop and the creation of an university where students will be
responsible for teaching themselves).

And David Gribble has written a chapter about the Pestalozzi School in
his book "Real Education".
Martin Wilke
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