Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] educational philosophy of Rebecca Wild vs. Sudbury

From: David Rovner <>
Date: Mon Jan 13 10:42:01 2003

I couldn't find any information on Rebecca and Mauricio Wild's School
"Pesta" in Ecuador -- did you?

~ David

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> Hi there,
> in the text "OK, so you're sort of like ..." by Romey Pittman, the
> Sudbury model is compared with Montessori, Waldorf, progressive schools,
> homeschooling and student governments.
> During the last two years, many people that approached me or the Berlin
> Sudbury start-up group, said that (before finding Sudbury) they had read
> a lot about Rebeca and Mauricio Wild's School "Pesta" in Ecuador, and
> that that school and Sudbury appear to have much in common. So maybe one
> could add a new section to the above mentioned text.
> What both models seem to have in common, is that
> - children are not forced to learn
> - free play is regarded as something valuable
> - doing "nothing" is OK
> - there are no fixed classes
> - there is age mixing
> significant differences seem to be:
> - adults reserve some power to determine basic rules and what material
> is available in school (prepared environment)
> - adults restrict children's activities if the adults think those
> activities are not yet appropriate for that child.
> - there is some special material like in Montessori schools
> - they actively offer group activities
> Does anyone know more differences between the Wild and Sudbury models?
> Martin Wilke
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