[Discuss-sudbury-model] educational philosophy of Rebecca Wild vs. Sudbury

From: Martin Wilke <martin.wilke_at_gmx.net>
Date: Sun Jan 12 06:40:00 2003

Hi there,

in the text "OK, so you're sort of like ..." by Romey Pittman, the
Sudbury model is compared with Montessori, Waldorf, progressive schools,
homeschooling and student governments.
During the last two years, many people that approached me or the Berlin
Sudbury start-up group, said that (before finding Sudbury) they had read
a lot about Rebeca and Mauricio Wild's School "Pesta" in Ecuador, and
that that school and Sudbury appear to have much in common. So maybe one
could add a new section to the above mentioned text.

What both models seem to have in common, is that
- children are not forced to learn
- free play is regarded as something valuable
- doing "nothing" is OK
- there are no fixed classes
- there is age mixing

significant differences seem to be:
- adults reserve some power to determine basic rules and what material
is available in school (prepared environment)
- adults restrict children's activities if the adults think those
activities are not yet appropriate for that child.
- there is some special material like in Montessori schools
- they actively offer group activities

Does anyone know more differences between the Wild and Sudbury models?

Martin Wilke
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