[Discuss-sudbury-model] Virus from Prodigy.net

From: Scott David Gray <sdg_at_sudval.org>
Date: Tue Jan 7 20:48:00 2003

A virus was sent in an email that _appeared_ to come from
sdg_at_sudval.org (subject: Happy Epiphany)

I want to assure everybody: there are no viruses on the mail
server at sudval.org. It is clear that this email "spoofed"
my email address and was sent from a computer which:
 a: Has the discuss-sudbury-model address in an "address
book" or d-s-m messages saved on it.
 b: has _my_ email address (sdg_at_sudval.org) in an "address
book" or messages with my email address saved on it.
 and c: is connected to the Internet through the "prodigy"
 If your computer meets these criterion, please double check
your computer for virii immediately! It is spreading a
nasty virus to other people.

I want to remind everybod:
 Never, ever open an attachment to _any_ email which you are
not _expecting_. (I never open an attachment unless advised
OVER THE PHONE or IN PERSON that an important attachment is
 Be careful about the settings on your email reader. Some
email readers allow more bells and whistles -- but are also
more prone to attack. Micro$oft Outlook is _especially_
prone to get and spread virii -- I strongly advise people to
avoid that program at ALL COSTS.

--Scott David Gray
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someday they might force their beliefs on us. 
-- Mario Cuomo
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