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Date: Fri Dec 13 01:10:00 2002

Hi Sandra,
I can't say whether there have been any attempts to establish a Sudbury
model School in NZ. The good Staff at Sudbury Valley will easily tell you
of any past attempts. I can say that there are no Schools that are as
democratic as the Sudbury model currently in NZ. The Schools that currently
exist are either parent run or where the teachers maintain control over
certain decisions, in the same way as Summerhill does, for instance.
Therefore, they don't, in our opinion adequately empower Students. Both the
Schools that Dana referred to are good Schools with good people, but they're
both still only for Students in their primary years, which we have never
believed is adequate. I'd suggest if you wanted to establish a Sudbury
model School, that you go for it. And the best thing you can do is purchase
a starter kit from SVS. Obviously if there had been an attempt that failed,
there will be particular reasons for that happening, and even though its
good to know what the problems were, they may not be ones that any future
group might face. The starter kit has a book that talks of the issues and
problems that Founders have faced in the US. We have struck, and overcome
many issues that are sometimes quite different because of a different
cultural and legislative context and we're in Australia, not the US.
Regards, Derek Sheppard (a Founder and elected Staff)
The Booroobin Sudbury School - a centre of learning
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> I am interested in anyone who knows about attempts made to start up
> a sudsbury - model school in New Zealand. I have heard one was
> started up but failed to get enough students.
> If anyone knows anything about ex or current sudsbury model schools
> in NZ or other NZ'ers interested in sudsbury schools can they please
> contact Sandra Murray at
> Thanks
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