Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Happy funny Christmas

From: Alan Klein <>
Date: Thu Dec 12 20:54:00 2002

Be aware, however, that many newer virus/worm/ Trojan horses look like they
were sent by someone you know. Some even contain text in the body of the
message that looks like it might actually be from the person (for example, a
fragment from a file on their system). In addition to only opening
attachments from people you know, make sure that the body of the message
looks like it is personally from the sender to you (or to a group you are a
member of). Also, make sure that the attachment does NOT have an extension
of "exe", "com", "bat", scr", or "pif" unless you are fully expecting such a
program file from that particular person. When I am in doubt, I always shoot
a reply to the sender asking if they intended to send me the attachment.
Many times they reply that they did not and that they have a virus problem.

~Alan Klein

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> I never ever open anything with an attachment unless I am well
> acquainted with the sender!
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