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<< Dear Jerry: When you were in India for the conference, did you meet
anyone involved in Waldorf education? I had heard of some attempts to start
Waldorf schools in India. I just wanted to know if any school had come up.

I had an opportunity to teach at a Krishnamurti Foundation school in
Bangalore. It was a little bit like the Waldorf schools but a long way
from SVS.

The beliefs and expectations of most of the Indians will make it very
difficult to have schools like SVS in India.

Sree >>

Dear Sree:
I didn't meet any Waldorf people, but did meet a woman who says she is the
only art therapist in India. I also met a magazine publisher who seemed to
know what alternative education was. He mentioned Krishnamurti Schools, Sri
Aurobindu, and a school founded by Tagore. But they do seem interested in
knowing more about democratic education.

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