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Date: Wed Dec 11 15:08:00 2002

       Dear Ranajit: I am also from India and I was also facinated by the SVS model. I had visited the Summerhill school in England and a SVS school in Connecticut, USA. I think they are great. I just don't see many Indian parents opting for such a school as the people in India seem to want to have absolute control over their children's bodies, minds and feelings! I have heard that that changes have taken place and that children of today have more freedom than ever before. If this is true, then a few schools in the large cities or residential schools for the super rich kids could be possible. I too am interested in hearing about about any SVS school in India.

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<< Hello,
  I was lurking in this list for quite some time and
enriching my knowledge about this humanitarian and
natural education philosophy. I am from India but
currently located in Japan. I met Daniel and Hanna
Greenberg here in Tokyo a few years back during a
lecture about SVS. And I realized that my long search
and reflection about possibilities of a natural and
respectful environment for growth of human qualities
and potentials, finally found a philosophy to nearest
to my heart.
  I obtained a list of books from SVS and eventually
joined this list to deepen my understanding about the
model and its realization issues. I would like to
express my regards for your dedication for the cause
and thanks to all of you for letting me share your
knowledge, experiences and arguments.
 Though my experience and knowledge about conventional

schooling system is apparently from a different social

and cultural setting than that of States – it seems
the prevailing ‘official education philosophies' are
mostly common irrespective of political boundaries.
Though in very old Indian traditions the learning
environments were apparently more ‘learning
oriented’ rather than ‘teaching oriented’ the
structured schooling system in recent centuries
embraced the state-of-the-art quite ‘effectively’
along with its associate humanitarian and social
  To my knowledge there are some efforts
of 'alternative schooling’ experiments in India
but I am not aware of any initiative in the line
of SVS philosophy. India being a country with a
large population without literacy and below
a ‘optimistically’ defined poverty line – the
implementation details may need adaptation in view
of the target economic and cultural settings. But
the essential philosophy of building a learning
environment on the foundation of respect is an
universal necessity.
  In this context I will be happy to find in this
list some people from India or anyone who are
planning or have initiated any SVS model school in
Indian context.

  With thanks
    and with all my best wishes for the SVS movement,

  - Ranajit Chatterjee >>


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