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From: Ranajit Chatterjee <ranajit_chatterjee_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Mon Dec 9 07:35:01 2002

Dear Jerry,
  Thank you for your response. Its good to know about
your India visit and the initiatives of DAV schools.
Inspite of the difficulties to achieve the goal - its
motivating to know a rather large organisation like
DAV group is thinking in the direction of democratic
  Other than the issue of implementing a transition
for large systems, another fundamental issue might be
- is it possible to transform from a no-so-free to a
free system - through authority decision - without
building a new environment? From the cognitive point
of view of the students who already have experience
with the same personalities who were the instruments
of restricting freedom - might at-best interprete the
decision of 'giving' freedom as a permission to act
free under supervision - which may be a quite
different social and spiritual dynamics than that
where there is no 'the day of receiving freedom'
(unless the day is decided by the 'receivers' - which
we may leave out in this context).
  This line of thinking make me feel that education
environments intending to offer SVS degree of implicit

freedom can only be 'started' and not so
much 'transformed-to' by authority decisions.
  Though I wish this hypothesis is not true which
would leave us more possibilities to hope for. Any
comments on such understanding is very much welcome.


--- JerryAERO_at_aol.com wrote:
> Dear Ranjeet:
> I have just returned from OIndia as the keynote
> speaker for an Alternative Education Conference
> sponsored by the DAV group of 700 schools. They are
> very interested in learning more about alternative
> education and democratic schools. Fourteen schools
> have expressed a specific interest in following up
> on this after my presentation. Of course, the
> situation is daunting. For example, several of the
> DAV schools I visited had over 2000 students. An
> interesting question for this list would be: How
> would you attempt to help a school with over 2000
> students which wished to democratize!#
> I'm now visiting Summerhill School in England on my
> way back to our office in New York.
> Jerry Mintz
> www.educationrevolution.org

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